Friday, March 21, 2008

The “H” kids

Today was a beautiful spring day here in Atlanta. In the afternoon, I photographed Hannah, Henry & Hattie, some little clients of who I love to see grow (I photographed Hattie in the belly, imagine!). As usual, it was a fun time with lots of running and jumping (especially to keep Hattie’s attention!).

Here are some of my favorites.

From right to left: Hattie, Hannah & Henry :-)

Hattie loved her flower!

Hannah is quite the lady...

and Henry is the family's cool guy ;-)

This is Hannah after changing back to play clothes.

She is a cutie.

Thanks for checking these out!

And keep coming back for more fun...

Megan & Merrit

I know, I know, I have been really bad and have not been posting much lately. But I’ll try to make it up to all these days and post more!
Last weekend I was invited to shoot a wedding in Madison, GA. If you have never been there you have to visit. It is the most charming little town I have ever seen, so I was delighted to be working there.
The main photographer was my fellow photographer Brenda Winn, whom I love to work with!
This was the day after the tornado in Atlanta and there was pretty bad weather leading up to the ceremony, so we got really lucky when after the ceremony the sun was shining!
Here are a few moments that I captured that day.

I love this moment between Megan and her mom!
and this is the first time dad sees his "little girl" :-)
A stolen moment from the bride & groom. The groom is in the military and on his way to Iraq in a month.
Reese, the happiest flower girl.
This is Megan and her grandfather. They danced to a song he used to sing to her when she was a little kid. It was an extremely emotional moment.
Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Awesome Workshop

I am always striving to grow, whether in my private life or in my professional one. This time it was as a professional photographer, that I spent four fabulous days in the tiny town of Washington Illinois with about 15 other photographers. We attended a workshop lead by the fabulous Jeffrey & Julia Woods. What a truly rewarding experience it was. Amidst all the great professional things I learned, I truly valued the opportunity to be reminded that I can have a very successful business while having a very fulfilling family and personal life.

I stayed across the street, at the Cornerstone Inn. It was really nice and the inn keeper was lovely.

The second morning I woke up to a white street and shops...
which made it lovely, although pretty slippery to walk around!

One of the days, we went on a live shoot with the group.

And Jeff & Julia gratiously invited us over to their house for coffee and dessert on the second evening. Of course we could not keep it to just fun and pulled out laptops and portfolios!

Thanks for checking in, and please keep coming back. You will soon find some exciting news here!