Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Isabella!

This is Isabella.

She was born just a few days ago, on August 14th and I had the pleasure to photograph her on her 10th day --her actual due date if she had not been anxious --just like mom-- to come meet and greet all the people awaiting her out here :)

I photographer Isabella's mom & dad a few months back while they were both very excited awaiting her birth. We had a lot of fun then and repeated it now.

But do not let me go on and on... and let me show you what a beautiful family this is!

Here are a few images for you to enjoy... mom & dad will have the rest of their gallery soon so that I can design their birth announcements and they can send them out fast :)

Enjoy, and please leave your good wishes ooh and aahs in the comments section below!

Isn't she adorable?

Heather & Tony, my deepest thanks for your cotinued trust and for opening your door and your hearts and allowing me to document these special times in your lives.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kate & Emily

A few days ago I went over to Kate's salon and got a great haricut and fabulous color... as always :) -- Kate is the owner of Mod Salon in Alpharetta and I have done some work for her earlie this year, photographing models for her new space and website.

This time around, I convinced Kate to let me photograph her (she is gorgeous!) and I not only got her, but also her daughter Emily, who was fun and easy to work with and takes some amazing pictures! I really had a blast and I can't wait to photograph Emily some more (ok, mom is fine too), but while mom fights me to get in front of the camera, Emily just loves it and it makes it be way too fun for me... so we talked about a new shoot soon with wardrobe changes and the whole 9 yards --can't wait--

...and maybe next time we get dad and Teddy to be participants instead of observers ;)

Here are a few selected images from the day (it was all about headshots).
and daughter...
And do check out Kate's salon here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ainsley & Greg's Wedding

It was a beautiful August day in Roswell Georgia when Ainsley and Greg gathered with family & friends at Primrose Cottage to say their vows and mark the beginning of a very exciting and awaited time in their lives.

It was not only beautiful because the weather was nice... but because there was so much love and support for this couple in those rooms. You could feel the great energy of everyone gathered there and it made it a very special day.

I truly enjoyed working with both of them and I hope you can see that through the images that depict their day.

Below are just a few, but it is hard to get the complete feel of the day in just a few images, so I invite you to see their slideshow by clicking here.

And please, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks a lot Ainsley & Greg for allowing me be a part of such a memorable day in your lives and to capture these images that I hope become part of your family history for years to come.

And a special thanks to the fabulous Brenda Winn, who joined me as a photographer and to the marvelous Caitlin McLaughlin who assisted me and also worked her camera quite a bit.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Taylor is our niece. She is 3, and just spent an overnight with us while mom & dad took a vacation. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to get the camera out and play some!

First we picked her up at mimi's home and took a few portraits of them.

Then she came home spent time with me and my husband Rich. While unt Andrea fixed dinner, uncle Rich sat outside with Taylor while she ate a chocolate popsicle as he captured some great images of the messy moment. These were all taken by Rich... he is getting better and better with that camera :)

And this one was the following morning while we hang outside with Winston (Taylor's doggie) who also stayed with us :)

Cute, isn't she?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Week of Summer Vacation

Last week I spent some time with Alex, Matthew and Julia. They are the children of my close friend Christine and I have not seem them for a few weeks so when I finally saw them I was wowed but their summer look. Long hair, beautiful tans, and that free spirited look that comes with all those days hanging out in the sun, pool and playing outside. So I knew that before it was time to go back to school, get their hair cut and have the tan fade away I had to photograph them. So there I went, camera in hand to spend some time with them.

Here are a few samples of how cute they looked :)

The three summery kids...

Alex and his long tresses

Matthew and his killer look

Julia who loves the camera (and the camera loves her :)

After some time at home we headed to the pool for a perfect evening treat.

And to finish the day just right, mom treated everyone to ice cream!

Aren't they the coolest & cutest?
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

A Busy Family

Meet Brendan, Brady & Teagan. Brendan is a big brother already at two... and he is a really good one!. Brady and Teagan are 10-moth-old twins. Teagan is a dainty little lady and Brady is all boy!

I met them all this past weekend at their home in Brookhaven and we had a lot of fun playing with mom and dad until Brady decided I needed to go and let them have lunch and take a nap :)

Here are just a few close ups so you can see how cute they are!

Brendan is a cute happy boy!

Brady already has a mouth full of teeth!

And check out Teagan's one tooth!

Mom & Dad and Three under two!

A special Cubs-Fan for grandpa!

I hope you enjoyed these...
Thanks for checking in :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

At the Park

Yesterday was very hot... and even then, Michelle, Dave and their families came down to Winn Park, in Midtown Atlanta to capture some family memories for their parents. Michelle and Dave's parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage in a few months, and they wanted to give them some family portraits for such a memorable occasion. Michelle and her family live here in Atlanta, while Dave and his family were visiting from Pennsylvania.

It was a fun session, which ended with Spencer playing in the playground giving me the opportunity to take some cute shots of him.

Below are a few selected images from the session.

Thanks Michelle for booking your session with me. I am sure your parents will love their portraits :)