Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tommy, Lucas & Family

A few days back I was invited by Gretchen to photograph her beautiful boys.

Gretchen and I used to work together at Turner Entertainment Group a very long time ago. We reconnected a few years back when I returned to Atlanta, and then became Facebook friends.

She saw some of my work and asked me to come photograph her family which was a great honor. We spent a nice and busy time playing and making bubbles and running around. I hope the kids slept well that night!

Here are a few of their images.

This is Tommy who is 3. He and dad had just returned from the grocery store and Tommy would not let go of his plum. I love his completely carefree smile in this image.

This is Lucas... playing Peek-A-Boo with his balloon.

Lucas playing with mom...

While dad takes on the much riskier job of playing in the trampoline with Tommy.

Tommy really going for that bubble!

I just thought this on-your-face bubble was too funny. Not sure Lucas felt the same way though :)

The whole bunch!

It does not seem that Lucas is too amused by his brother's company on the tire-swing.

But he is definitely all charm here...

I love this moment of Tommy with his stuffed lamb.

Gretchen and Ivan, I hope you have enjoyed these few previews. More to come in your gallery soon.

Thanks for opening the doors to your home to me and for allowing me to capture this time in your lives!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome Maria Jose!

This session came to be in the most interesting way. As many of you know, I am originally from Argentina. My husband Rich and I were in Buenos Aires a few months back and we did an improptu session for the family of a good old friend of mine.

They were very impressed and happy with their images so when a friend and business associate of him here in Atlanta had a newborn baby a few weeks back, him and his associates (who are also good friends) decided to send him a Gift Certificate to Andrea Taylor Studio. It was just cool to see how from there to here I can still get referrals :)

That is how I met Pepe, Adriana and Maria Jose, the newborn little girl.

Maria Jose is just 4 weeks old in these images... but you really would not believe it seeing how alert she is and how she already holds her head up!. Adriana and Pepe were really a riot to work with. They were up for anything and everything and made it really fun and easy.

Here are some previews of their session.

Meet Maria Jose. Having a nice nap in grandma's arms right after her feeding.

And this is grandma Mati.

And the proud dad, Pepe.

Mom Adriana and 4-week old Maria Jose!

Check out those bloomers!

Three Generations. I could not miss that!

I absolutely love this silhouette of mom, dad and baby.

And the other member of the family (and very much so) Benito, the hound.

Thanks Adriana and Pepe for being such a joy to work with. Fue sinceramente un gran placer conocerlos y espero que se repita para poder seguir capturando los momentos de Maria Jose mientras crece :)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beth Ann & William are married!

Two weeks ago Rich and I headed down to Amelia Island, Florida to be spectacular Amelia Island Plantation, to cover the wedding celebration of Beth Ann & Will.

All I am going to say is that it has been a true honor and complete pleasure to work with this couple, their families and friends. What an amazing group of people and what a treat to be able to cover three days of events.

Of course I could not even begin to pick images to blog, so you will have to go check out the slideshow here.

But I did pick just a few from the wedding day to share. Images that I felt attracted to for different reasons...

The dress was spectacular.

I love Beth Ann's classic beauty. Here she is putting on the beautiful pearl earrings she had just received from her groom.

I absolutely love this image. Beth Ann running back into the church before Will arrives.

I was only going to post about the bride & groom because there are so many beautiful family moments to share... but I cannot leave out this image of the bride's grandmother as she sees the bride in her gown for the very first time! It truly makes my heart skip a beat.

OK, and I have to recognize the handsome groom who was a super sport all weekend long!

The newlyweds.

I always love the first dance.

An amazing spot at the Amelia Island Plantation. Rich scouted this location and got the amazing shot. Isn't this place spectacular?

And a classy farewell.
florida wedding photography

It was hard to select images for the long slideshow after 5 events... so imagine how much I had to leave out of the blog. So please watch the slideshow and enjoy this wonderful couple.

Many thanks are in order here. Thanks to both families for taking such good care of us and making us feel like we were part of the family. Thanks to Deb & Matt Cull, who joined Rich & I from Naples, Florida to shoot with us and assist us - It was great meeting your and we loved working with you. And thanks to Beth & and Will because you gave us your trust and allowed us to give you the first images of your new life together.

I hope you enjoy them for many years!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extended Family Session

I have been photographing Lily & Lucy since they were babies... it has been such a joy to see them grow into these beautiful little girls who are now almost 4 years-old!

Their mom Amy, wanted to capitalize on a visit from her brother and his family who are currently living in South Africa, and together with her parents, do an extended family portrait session.

We went to the park in Avondale Estates and of course let the kids play a little bit after we got some posed shots done :)

Here are some of their images.

Amy, her brother Brian, and their parents.

I love this three-generations image!

Lucy and Lily got extra cozy with grandpa and grandma :)

Alexander and Amelia are the nicest most loving cousins ever... and they are just sooooo patient with the little twin whirlwinds!

As always, thanks Amy for letting me capture your family memories. It is always an honor, a pleasure and a lot of fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome Jackson

This past week I had the honor to meet Jackson at barely a week old!

He is a cute little baby, super relaxed and happy who did not even flinch at his big brother's extremely intense hugs :)

It was really nice to see this family again as I had photographed Carter, the now big brother when he was 6 days old... and I almost fainted when I saw him so grown up!

Meet Jackson...

and Carter...

And the whole family

I love these next two images... they are just so tender!

We were really impressed to get this one of Carter and Jackson to be honest, but Carter was fabulous and avoided squeezing his baby brother too hard :)

And I personally think this next one is hilarious and sweet at the same time!

Aren't they just too cute?

Thanks once again Reverie & Keith for opening up the doors of your home for me to capture this time in your lives!


Friday, July 3, 2009

An Engagement Session with Mysteena & Josh

You know, this job is just fabulous. You meet amazing people; you get to be a part of some of the most important days in their lives. You are right there; documenting what is becoming their new family history... sharing in the moments and the emotions... and you also get to work in such different environments, locations and spaces.

This coming weekend for example, we will be shooting a wedding in Amelia Island with 450 guests and 14 bridesmaids!

Then, next June, we will be photographing Mysteena & Josh's wedding, in Watercolor, Florida with just 50 guests, at dawn on the beach.

I just love the variety in everything we do.

These are the images from for Josh & Mysteena's engagement session. We went out on a nice and hot Atlanta afternoon and spent some time "playing" out at a couple of different locations. They actually introduced us to McDaniel Farm Park and we loved it!

Check them out...

They have two of the sweetest, best behaved dogs I have ever met! They were great to work with and I am so glad they came along!

Thank you, thank you, thank you guys, we truly enjoyed working with you and can't wait for more next June!