Monday, January 26, 2009

Lady Jiya

Baby Jiya is becoming quite the little lady… and I am thrilled to be able to capture her growing up.

I was truly in awe when mom came down the stairs with Jiya in her arms… she was little nugget last time I photographed her and I am always impressed at how fast babies grow that first year of life.

She still has the same big eyes and contagious smile.

And although she did not quite love having a hat on, once she got used to them she was just fine.

but nothing compares to bath time! She LOVES the water and splashing all around :)

Yes, this was as fun as it looks :)
Thanks again Ritu & Biranj for inviting me to capture these family memories.

Growing Family

Last year I photographed the wedding of Christa & Matthew... and this year, they are expecting a baby girl!

Matthew & Christa came to town to visit Christa's parents and they invited me to photograph yet another very intimate and special time in their lives.

I was just thrilled to see them again and to have the opportunity to capture more family memories. It was not only nice to see them, but lots of fun too. They are such a loving family that it is just a pleasure to hang out with them anytime!

Since Christa's parents and siblings were there, I could not resist the opportunity to do some family portraits as well... and hope to be doing the same again when Saylor arrives in a few months.

Here are a few images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

And remember to share this with family and friends and leave comments below!

Thanks once again!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Update

I know, I know… I have been really bad but I have not forgotten about my Blog, it has just been a really busy Holiday Season and it has been almost impossible to find the time. I promise to be better this year :)

In spite of not having blogged on time, I still want to recognize the fabulous clients that I photographed right before the Holidays and post some of their images.

So let’s see…

I photographed baby Bailey that was just a few weeks old. Bailey is in the Buford/Flowery Branch area with her mom because dad got a really good job up north and he already relocated, so we missed having daddy in these.

Bailey is a sweet little girl and both her mom and I were impressed at how great she was at the session. She was always happy and seemed to tolerate all changes and shuffling with a lot of poise :)

Here are some favorites from Bailey’s session.

I love this mom & baby image... so tender.

How adorable is she?

Then I worked with three super cool ladies in Stone Mountain. What fun this session was! All three were ready to pose and show off in front of the camera and we had a really nice time working together.
Leah has an amazing home and the grils where spectacular to work with!

Mom and her two daughters looked amazing, don’t you think?

So, how cute is her!

And big sister was super cool and ready to play!
And they look great together too!
Well, mom is not bad either and she had a lot fun (and so did I :)

And last but not least, is little Caleb who is 14 months and is typical toddler. He does not want to sit much or be held. He wants his independency and to go, go, go –hey! I can walk now and I do not want to be stopped!

He is super cute, I am utterly in love with him. Mom & dad where a little concerned that he would not stop, but I think we did a great job and got Caleb doing some of the things he truly enjoys and being just himself!

Here are some images from that session.

Check out that smile!

Aren't you just dying to pinch those cheecks?
This is one of my favorites. Look at the intensity in his stare.

At the end of the session, mom & dad told me his favorite time was bath time, so I was like "well, I am here, let's just play!".. and so we did...
I am now secluded in a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains working my business for the remainder of the year. It is rainy with some flurries this evening and my great friend Christina –who is a marketing consultant and came to help me out with my business is enjoying some quiet time and the fireplace while I catch up on my blogging. It has been a long busy day but it was extremely successful. Unfortunately, I forgot my cables and card reader so I cannot download and post any images, but they will be up next week, as soon as we are back!

So check back for more soon!

And also keep an eye for a new Blog look in the upcoming months.