Monday, May 26, 2008

Ainsley & Greg

There are the formal couples….

And the serious couples….

Of course you have the lively couples…

And the fun ones too…

And then, you have Ainsley & Greg!

I have never laughed so much during a session. This absolutely fun, loving and in-love couple is getting married in mid-August and just did their engagement session a few days ago. What a blast!

I met Ainsley (who had been a guest at two weddings I photographed last year) at
the consultation with her mother, but had only seen a picture of Greg. Don’t ask me why, but I had made him up to be a pretty serious guy. I could not have been farther away from the truth.
Just take a look at them and tell me what you think. Can’t you just tell they were having a great time?

Please leave your comments at the bottom--not just for me, but gor Ainsley & Greg as well!--

Thanks for stoping by.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting for Jack

What a great job I have! I'll say it over and over again. I just love to see the evolution in the lives of the people I photograph. It is really one of the biggest joys of being in this business. I recently was in Alpharetta, GA photographing Valerie & Sean. They are the very first couple whose wedding I shot and now they are expecting Jack!

A few months ago Valerie received an Andrea Taylor Studio Gift Certificate from her best friends. They got her a Mommy & Me package, that includes a maternity and a newborn sessions. Valerie did not want a traditional maternity session, she wanted to make it more of a family session, with her husband and their current "baby" Cosmo (a girl :)

I invite you to share with me a preview of their images. Please use the comments section at the bottom of the post to leave your thoughts and comments. You can also leave good wishes for Valerie and Sean.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hooked on Cruising!

I am back.

My husband and I just returned from a 4-day cruise from Tampa to Cozumel, Mexico. It was a cruise hosted by his company. There were 110 people in our group and it was lots of fun! I really enjoyed meeting my husband's colleagues and significant others and friends. And I absolutely loved the cruise! I have been on a cruise a long time ago when I was a kid and I honestly did not remember much.
I really love all the silly stuff you can do onboard, like trivia games, shows, slot machines, karaoke... I am a goof and love all that stuff. Plus, no cooking or cleaning, and beaing catered to all day long, yum!

Here you have a few images to get an idea of our trip.

Leaving Tampa.

The boat's main lobby...

The stop at Cozumel was nice too. We strolled some in town and then went to a private party at a beach resort that the company had organized.

My view at the beach in Cozumel :)

My hubby enjoying his "view" at the beach :)

My husband "playing" with a hobiecat in Cozumel.

Heading back on board.... our boat is on the right.

Of course nothing beats sitting out on the back adult-only deck overlooking the ocean, lounging with a good book!

It was a really fun experience and I am already hoping to do it again soon :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The BerKids.

What a fun day out being kids!
Check out these images from a lifestyle session this past week.
Julia takes off for a bike ride with some help from mom...

After the fun ride, Julia goes back home to find a huge box waiting for her on the front porch. She had lots of fun digging through it, and especially loved the fancy princess dress!
And when daddy gets home, Julia is very excited to tell him about her box and new dress!
While still outisde...
Big brother Alex shows off his tricker skills.
It's been an exhausting day and Matthew heads back home...