Friday, April 17, 2009

Claudia & Alex's Wedding

Just this past Saturday, Rich and I photographed a very beautiful, intimate and fun wedding. Claudia & Alex, who are originally from Germany, got married at The Vinings Club in a very small garden ceremony, surrounded by their close family and friends, most of which came all the way from Germany to be with them on such a special day.

I will be posting their highlights slideshow next week, but since they are in town and anxious to share some images with those who could not be there, here are just a few.

It was a pretty simple recipe:

A beautiful location.

A gorgeous bride.

A handsome groom.

Lots of laughter.

To walk together down the aisle.

Towards the beginning of their life as a family.

Surrounded by their loved ones.

Cheers to you Claudia & Alex! and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day :)

More images and reception photos coming next week.... stay tuned!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mac Turns One!

I photographed his parent's wedding, then I photographed him as a baby, and here is again, all grown up!

I am so glad Michael and Liz invited me to photograph Mac. I was supposed to do it exactly on his birthday, but it was an ugly day and they wanted to have Mac photographed on their yard since it is his favorite place, and they wanted to show him in full swing as a one-year-old. So we waited a few days and found what apparently was one of the few sunny days in Atlanta in the past few weeks :)

Check out this absolutely adorable boy!

He loves to play with his sunglasses and although he has a hard time getting them on straight...
He is a totally happy boy when he achieves his goal!
This was just too funny. Mac got super close to my camera and went for my lens!
In the midst of all the running and playing there was some (little) quiet time with dad...
and reading time with mom...

And of course, there was the birthday cupcake!

Can you tell he enjoyed it?
Thanks Liz & Michael for continuing to invite me to capture your family memories.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Very Cool Assignment

This afternoon I had the pleasure to photograph President Carter.

I was hired by the Consulate of Argentina in Atlanta because there was a one day photo exhibition at the Carter Center. It was an exhibit of photographs from the times of the military coup in Argentina. All images had been taken by different photojournalists and it made for an extremely emotional showing.

The most interesting fact is that the current Ambassador of Argentina to the United States, Hector Timerman had to flee his country during the so called "Dirty War". His father, Jacobo Timerman publisher of La OpiniĆ³n, a local newspaper was kidnapped from his home exactly 32 years ago today, on April 15, 1977. He became "desaparecido", or disappeared, was tortured and later became a symbol of Argentina's human rights abuses and the horrors of the "dirty war". He was one o the "lucky" ones and after 30 months he was returned home and placed under house arrest after which he was stripped of his citizenship and sent to Israel.

During his presidency, President Carter sent a letter to the Argentine dictator at the Time, interceding for Jacobo Timerman's freedom. Today, when he met with Hector Timerman, President Carter gave the Ambassador a copy of the letter, which he dedicated and signed. It was an emotional moment as was walking through the exhibit with the Ambassador and President Carter.

Here are just a few images to share.

Here is President Carter giving Ambassador Timerman the letter.

Intensly listening to the conversation about human rights.

Browsing through a book that gathers images from the exhibition.

Walking into the exhibit and greeting a lucky Argentinian that happened to be by the door :)

I love his expression when seing some of the very graphic images of police brutality and military horror.

OK. I could not resist this last one ;) -- I was just standing there waiting for the Consul and the Ambassador to arrive at the Carter Center when Rosalyn Carter walks by followed by the President just a few steps behind. I could not get her, but the girls from the Consulate that were setting up for the event stopped the President and asked to get a picture taken with him --which I did-- after which I rapidly handed my camera over and said "cheese" myself :)

It was a real treat to photograph this today :)

Thanks for checking this out.