Thursday, February 21, 2008

The KING of our home

Let me introduce you to HOBIE.

Hobie is our cat, and the king of the home. We adopted Hobie about 3 years ago from our neighbor. I was never a cat person until I met him. He is the sweetest cat I have ever seen. He loves people and loves to spend as much time as possible on your lap. Which is not the best thing when "mommy" needs to use the laptop...

And if the laptop happened to be on the lap before he got there, well... he finds the closest spot available :-)

And if his humans are doing stuff and not paying attention to him, then he relaxes on one of the couches. These are his two favorite extra-relaxed poses...

I call this the rolly-polly.

He loves to be a part of everything that goes on in the house and always has to be in the middle fo the action. Like on Christmas morning...

And, of course, Santa drops his very favorite treat in his stocking every year :-)

Yes, I absolutely love our cat and I spoil him rotten. But he deserves it, he is a really sweet cat.
Keep coming back... more "adventures of Hobie" to come... he is just funny at times so we grab the first camera available and click away when we can.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A great Toronto experience!

Wow. What a fabulous city. I really enjoyed Toronto. It is a really beautiful city with so many diverse neighborhoods and people. I wanted to go visit my friend Gloria in the winter because I wanted to see a really big city with snow. Well, I got more than I bargained for.
This was from the plane, approaching landing...

They have had a lot of snow right before I got there, so it was pretty messy! I have to say that seeing the city in those conditions was great, but I want to go back in the Spring or Summer. I can tell that it would be just an amazing place to hang out. Right now it is really hard to get around, but it also looks beautiful.

this is right in front of my friend's house.


Yorksville, a favorite place of mine :-)

My friend Gloria and I spent hours without end chatting and sharing about our lives. We have a very close relationship so it was just natural to fall back into the intimate conversations and heartfelt talks. It was a most enjoyable time. I also really loved spending some time with her daughters, twins Sol and Maru. The last time I saw the girls they were about 10 or 11, and now they are 18 years old! It was great to discover they have become these wonderful women that any parent would be proud of. They did not let me photograph them "seriously" though, but I snuck a couple of shots right before they headed out for their school semi-formal.

Gloria’s husband, Raul who I have known since he and Gloria started dating way back when, was on a business trip when I arrived, but he returned towards the end of the trip and drove us to Niagara Falls. I loved seeing the falls, although it really does not compare to the Argentine falls (Iguazu). These are significantly smaller, but it was interesting to see the falls in the middle of a developed area. In Argentina, they are in the middle of the jungle pretty much.

Here are Gloria and Raul.

The falls through a crack in the ice by the railing

Yes, it was painfully cold!

What I loved the most was Niagara-on-the-Lake. A small quaint town about 20 minutes from the falls. That is just the type of town I absolutely love, charming and full of specialty shops. It was a great day trip for the three of us and the almost 2 hours on the road each way allowed us for more conversation and getting updated on our lives.

Downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake

Isn't this just gloriuos?

Thanks for sharing this experience with me... stay tuned for my adventures in Washington, Illinois next week, where I will be attending an intensive workshop with the fabulous Jeff & Julia Woods!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On my way to Toronto

Tomorrow very early I leave for Toronto. I have never been there so I am very excited. But I am even more excited because I will be visiting my good friend Gloria and her family. Gloria and I went to school together back in Buenos Aires (we have known each other since the 6th grade!). Gloria and her family have relocated to different countries through the last 8 years and we have not been able to coincide anywhere to meet... until now. They have been in Toronto since last year and it was about time I made time and went to visit. After not seeing each other for 8 years, I just can't wait! We are really good friends, and when we are on the phone or on email, it seems we just talked yesterday, but having 5 days of in-person time will be much better.

Just so that you can have some laughs, here is a picture of me back when I was in elementary school. I have some with Gloria but they are in storage (we have the house in the market). But I’ll post some from the trip next week.

Keep checking the blog. I will be posting some great contests and promotions soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday

We are not football maniacs, but we usually enjoy watching the SuperBowl with my husband Rich. I especially enjoy the commercials --occupational hazard from my past career in marketing communications-- This year we went over to John & Maureen Salviski's home in Alpharetta, GA to watch it on a nice big screen, surrounded by friends (almost family) and some yummy --and not healthy-- munchies. It was especially fun to watch with Jeff, John & Maureen's son in law, who is originally from NY and a huge Giants fan! You can only imagine how excited he was when they won! Towards the end of the evening the guys went to watch downstairs, so I do not have any images of Jeff celebrating, but he made me promise I would photograph the score on TV if they won :-)

These are Jeff's kids, Emily & Teddy --they were were excited to be let stay up late and eat tons of sugar!

No game would be such without a good beer, right?

The winning touchdown!


Leah & Michael's Wedding

I had the honor to photograph Leah & Michael’s wedding on January 26th. Their ceremony was at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta. The reception took place at the Renaissance Hotel downtown, on the top floor's 590 West Salon with spectacular views of the city.

Look what a gorgeous couple they are!

I love this image of Leah walking down the aisle with her dad!

And this is when they arrived at the reception, right before the sun went down.

The event was fabulously decorated by Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Event Management - She really created a spectacular atmosphere for the evening. Aren't these decorations amazing?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mod Salon

Kate Lehnes is the owner of Mod Salon, a hair salon that is opening its doors this week. I shot a few headshots for her website just this past Weekend. The models were beautiful and we had a great time working together. I wish Kate the best in her new endeavor!

Check out some what Kate can do...

You can find Kate at www.mymodsaloncom

Girls Night Out (GNO)

GNO started a few years back. It is a group of ladies that gets together about 3 or 4 times a year to hang out and have fun. The first GNO this year was last week at Fired & Wired in Virginia Highlands. Here are some images of the ladies at work and some showcase of their works of art. It was a fun event and it is always nice to hang out together and catch up on life.

I shot some images with my new and extra tiny point and shoot :-)

Expecting Joseph

I had the pleasure of capturing these images of Veronica. She is expecting Joseph in just a few weeks… I photographed her and her husband at their home in Atlanta. They were fabulous to work with, up for suggestions and ready to “play” all the time. Veronica looks just stunning, look for yourselves…

The Graves Family

What a fun session this was! Just a few days after the "big" Atlanta snow, I photographed Sydney, Taylor and their parents at their home in Decatur. It was Taylor's birthday that day and she was truly excited when we finished the session and could go eat a cupcake that they had baked with mom that morning.

Peek some of the images...

This is Sydney

and this is Taylor

Look at this snowman! Yes, it is Atlanta!!!

And these are mom & dad (I love it when parents play too!)