Monday, November 2, 2009

Saylor & Family

I have been waiting to photograph this little lady for soooo long. Saylor is the baby of Christa and Matthew, whose wedding we photographed last year. I actually also photographed them while Christa was expecting so I just could not wait to finally get the honor to work with their little one.

They all live in Statesboro, in Southern Georgia and so do Matthew's parents who came along for the ride. I felt extremely honored that they all drove up to Atlanta a few weeks ago just for their family session.

Of course we did an extended session, with outfit changes, different location, grandparents and all.

It was very special for me to spend time with them. I feel very close to this family, they have all been wonderful to me and extremely supportive of our business. I feel they are not only lifelong clients but great friends too!

OK, enough of my ramblings.... here is the good stuff :)

Here is Saylor sporting her baptism outfit.

And how about this adorable image. She is always smiley. These are really lucky parents, trust me!

One hip family.

Still stylish even when she sports her birth suit!

Two cool chicks!

I love this family image. Yes, those are the paternal grandparents in the back... hard to believe!

Daddy-daughter time!

And of course... Matthew & Christa :)

Thanks so much for making the long drive to Atlanta. I definitely enjoyed seeing you and spending some time with Saylor. She is such a happy girl that it puts a smile on my lips to just think of her. And thanks to Dawn and Michael as well, who are true troopers! In case I have not said it enough, it was great to see you all again!