Saturday, February 27, 2010


How I love when I photograph little clients through their first years of life... it is such an honor to be called back and invited into my client's lives to capture the memories of their children as they grow.

Here again is Eddie. He was actually my very first post on this blog about two years ago. And now here he is, a little 2 year-old man :)

This time we went to a local park in Alpharetta and let him run around and play.


Love his intense stare on this one.

How cute is his surprised face as he sees mom on at the end of the tunnel!

This next one is a riot. It is actually part of a sequence as mom & dad tickled him and blew on his face. Eddie was totally loosing it and enjoying the moment and his face is just hilarious! I laugh every time I see this one :)

Excuse me? Who is that lady with the camera following us?

And our usual family portrait. Love it!

As always, I am truly thankful for your trust and absolutely love your little man :)

Julia's Bat Mitzvah -- Part 1

Julia's Bat Mitzvah was almost a week ago and there will be images posted soon about the grand affair.

However, first things first. Several weeks back, I did a small portrait session with Julia so that she could have a portrait signing mat at her party.

I was curious as to how Julia would feel in front of the camera, 12 been quite an awkward age. Well, let me tell you, she rocked it! Of course I knew that was the case once she told me that American Top Model and Project Runway are two of her favorite shows.

It was actually a super fun session and I love the results.

Without further ado, here is Julia.

Come back soon to see her rehearsal images and her fabulous celebration!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Amanda & Harrison

A few days ago I posted a sneak preview from Amanda & Harrison's wedding... here are a few more images.

I had a mirror theme going on :) But I just love this image of Amanda when she checks out her hair for the first time.

And this one during her make-up session. There is such classic beauty feel to it.

One of the little ring bearers anxiously awaiting the limo.

Amanda on her way to the altar.

The newlyweds on the limo ride to the reception.

In the sneak preview you saw an image of the first dance. Below are two from the father-daughter and mother-son dance that touched my heart. So emotional!

And of course, knowing us, we love to capture people's reactions. Here (far right) are the sisters of the groom who were part of the wedding party, during the dances.

And the father of the bride.

I love this candid moment of the kids during the first dance :)

And a romantic closing...

Thanks for stopping by. You can see Amanda & Harrison's wedding slideshow here.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shanna & Jared are married!

Jared + Shanna = A ridiculously wonderful and fun wedding in the North Carolina mountains.

There is so much to tell about Shanna, Jared and their wedding weekend.

They are both totally fun.
They are very family oriented and have a ton of great friends.
They are definitely social butterflies.
They live life to its fullest.
They always go off on a ski weekend with a group of friends the last weekend in January.
Shanna envisioned a white wedding.

Now, since the venue they picked for their event does not really get that much snow, the plan was to head to the slopes on Sunday for some fun in the snow.

Well... it seems like when Shanna wishes...

Almost 10 inches of snow on Friday.
Lots of guests stranded on the road (everyone made it safely at least by Saturday's wedding day!)
A canceled Rehearsal.
A relocated Rehearsal Dinner (since nobody could get out of the Inn).

And yet, this was a fabulous wedding weekend for all.

Here is a sneak peak.

Isn't this IT for a bride who wished for a White Wedding?

Check back soon for more...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Amanda & Harrison's Wedding - Sneak Peak

Their very romantic first dance...

Check back next week for more images and their highlights slideshow!

Stork Time!

Beautiful, confident, charming, loving, fun… just a few words to describe Jill and her family. Jill is expecting a baby boy next week… and these are her images.

I absolutely LOVE the next three images... Jill looks so relaxed, happy and beautiful.

This image makes me smile. It was a totally candid moment. How cute is Allie, Jill's little girl, dancing with mom... and check out her hand on Jill's belly!

Talking about love....

I feel these next ones really depicts who the family is today :)

Thanks for opening the doors of your home to me. It was a true pleasure and I can't wait for the newborn session! All the best next week.