Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun in the West Midtown Design District

A few weeks ago I participated in a super fun photo shoot in the West Midtown Design District. It was part of a big pull to promote the area which will include launching a map and new website and some other fun things.

For me it was a way to depart from my usual thing in photography and also to meet some wonderful "neighbors".

We shot at several locations in the district and used the gorgeous new collection from Erica Angeline, G.Gilbert's fall line and the men looked fabulous in Ken Barber.

This is Christi at the offices of To The Trade Only wearing a gown from Erica's collection.

And Alexis at King Plow with an amazing wedding gown by Erica Angeline.

This is Nina also at King Plow and wearing an Erica :)

Here are the guys in Ken Barber... well that is actually Ken up front :)

The next three are all from G. Gilbert's line.
Here is Christi at Savvy.

and at the G. Gilbert store.

and Alexis at Switch.

If you have not been around West Midtown, go and enjoy the fabulous restaurants, stores, art galleries and all that the district has to offer!