Monday, November 24, 2008

Taylor vs. Andrea

... and I think we can to call this one a tie!

This sweet little girl turned one on October 29th. I started working with Taylor and her family last year, not long after she was born, and did a package of 4 sessions thought her first year of life. If you look back in the blog postings you can see that I photographed her sweet and tender as a cute little baby gir, then like a more alert and active baby and afterwards we got to her crawling times.

But Gosh, was I not really ready for this last session!

Doug, her dad, warned me she had started walking and was already pretty fast and unstoppable -- "bring your sneakers" was all he said. And he was so on target!

This little lady made me run up and down all over the house to capture this very special time in her life. And even though she made me work hard for my money, I am happy to say we got some really nice images (albeit a very tired photographer :)

Here are a few of my favorite images of the day.
So yes, looking at this ultra cute girl you just cannot resist right? anyone would have run around for this!
Thanks again, Doug, Rayne & Taylor for allowing me into your home and your lives to capture these moments for you.
I look forward to many more years of Taylor growing up.

Where have I been?

... evidently, not blogging!

I guess this will be my one New Year resolution. I am not writing so I shy away from blogging. But I know I need and want to be more present so I will make it a point to blog more in the coming year. I will also engage the help of my clients and friends to make this a more participative space, where I can share more than just the last sessions I shot.

So, keep an eye on the blog for a succession of posts on the latest from Andrea Taylor and Andrea Taylor Studio!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Session

I love the fall... and I love to have the opportunity to do sessions outside with the beautiful foliage turning.

That is exactly what we did with McKenna and her parents a few days back at Autry Mill in Alpharetta, Georgia.

It was great to see the all of them again. I first photographed McKenna and family at their home in Gainesville in October 2006.

This was then...

And this is now...

McKenna is a hard-core animal lover! She was so cute... any animal she saw she wanted to go chase and play with (squirrels were luckily too fast for her :)
But she found these ducks and she spent quite some time playing with them...

It was really nice to chase McKenna around and photograph her again. She is at the "silly faces" age, but after she became more comfortable (and I became goofier) she was just her natural self :)
Thanks Gina, John & McKenna for coming out to play with me!